Vikram Prabhu gets injured #Tamil


Vikram Prabhu recently got injured while shooting for an action sequence in his upcoming film Ivan Veramathiri. The director of the film,M Saravanan was canning some dangerous action sequences in the capital. 

It was a car chase scene where a rope was used to put Vikram Prabhu in front of a speeding car. Fortunately, the stunt driver had the presence of mind and was able to control the car which just grazed the actor. Vikram was given first aid at a hospital nearby as he got away with minor bruises and scratches. 

However, by evening Vikram Prabhu was back to complete the scene. This is Vikram Prabhu’s second release after his maiden film Kumki, which was declared a super hit.




One thought on “Vikram Prabhu gets injured #Tamil

  1. bapsy kisten says:

    A fan hope u well

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